We are a Mexican company that was founded in 1998 with the purpose of carrying out foreign trade operations seeking to meet the demand of products from domestic and foreign customers. We are integrated by a group of different specialists focused on a common goal, to get the customer a product according to their needs and specifications no matter where you find the product. If a client needs something we only require that they tell us the “WHAT” and we take care of HOW, WHERE AND WHEN always looking to exceed the satisfaction of their needs and expectations.

Thanks to the experience of our collaborators, we have the capacity to detect and generate long-term business and to realize them in the different world markets.

Our activities are focused not only on foreign trade, but also on the promotion and commercialization of domestic products in the international market, which may be goods or inputs to satisfy the demand of domestic customers, or to transform them and meet the needs of international customers using Of the advantages we have of belonging to a country that has at least 30 agreements and international treaties.


At GRUPO CORSOMEX we are concerned with meeting the needs of our customers, looking for quality products and services at competitive prices locally and internationally.

We seek to achieve competitive advantages for our customers by locating products according to their needs in the region that is most favorable in terms of regulations and legislation, always complying with International rules and procedures to achieve the purchase / sale of highly competitive products and have Customers always satisfied.

In GRUPO CORSOMEX, we seek to make it possible for a customer to obtain what he needs at the lowest cost and expected time. For us there are no borders of language, customs, norms, regulations, we will always find the best proposal for our customers.

Use all the tools and agreements available from Foreign Trade to achieve high quality products at the most competitive prices in the market.


To be a leading marketer in the local and international market, maintaining good prices and services.

To be recognized for the quality in the service and products that we give to our customers, keeping us always up to date in Foreign Trade so that we can always look for an alternative that covers and exceeds the needs of our customers, no matter which country they are in. If the product exists, we can safely do it.

We are always looking for continuous improvement looking for new markets where there is an offer or a demand to cover.


At GRUPO CORSOMEX we are concerned with always managing ourselves with professionalism and ethics that are transmitted in the security that we offer our employees and clients.

Honesty with employees, customers and suppliers.

The Quality to always fulfill our mission and vision being able to exceed the expectations of our clients.

The Service having the disposition to always give answer in time and form to any need or requirement of a client.

Commitment, perfectly fulfilling the commitments that we acquire with clients and suppliers that promote long term relationships.

Loyalty, always showing commitment, trust and fidelity to our organization its mission and values ​​always offering our best results for the benefit of the consumer.

Our History

GRUPO CORSOMEX S.A de C.V. Was created in 1998 with the main objective of providing service to the automotive market, giving new companies the possibility to help them to obtain tools, machinery and equipment necessary for the creation or modernization of their companies, we also focus on the sale of Auto parts of car models of that time and for which it is no longer in production, so that car users would have the peace of mind that they would always be able to get a repair no matter what model it was.

Our main product at that time was the VW sedan dashboard, which we continue to commercialize locally, the glove compartments for the sedan and stamped parts that today is impossible to get with a dealership we get them. Subsequently we diversified and we got into the business of the bodies, the commercialization of metal parts, whether for the automotive sector, construction, decoration.

Today Corsomex Group continues to meet the needs of these customers and has diversified so much that we are able to get any kind of product anywhere in the world to cover the local or import market.

Our standard of importers / exporters allows us to buy or sell products from any sector without any impediment, so we represent a solution for entrepreneurs who want to buy Equipment, Machines, Molds, for distributors who want to sell a specific product, either by bringing the product Finished or bringing the inputs to transform it and be able to sell it to the final customer, we are a solution for all those people who want to buy a product that is for personal use but do not have the necessary infrastructure, language, experience or do not know how to bring it. In GRUPO CORSOMEX today our limit is the Sky.

If somewhere in the world there is a product that you are looking for we can bring it to you without having to run with unnecessary risks, hire insurers, forwarders, freight companies, customs brokers, we do everything for you, just tell us You look and we’ll tell you when you can have it.